Tuesday, December 11, 2007


You hold me in your arms, and hold me from my hip,

And slowly move my legs, and take me close to your body,

From the first time I hear your sweet voice, I couldn't sleep,

But now you here and touch me, and I tell myself this is realty

How lovely this kiss, make me feel high,

It so romantic, and fill me with desire,

This kiss too warm and I can't deny,

Anything for you I will surrender,

Hugging and kissing, with full of lust,

Make me hornier, with the romantic song,

The nights still young honey, don’t be rush,

But to have this moment I can't wait too long.

Yes baby, be on top of me,

And hear me moaning like a silence crying,

Do your action smoothly and move it slowly,

The softness of your "touching", make me forget everything.

So great…....so perfect..........and so passionate
The love we make tonight is forever I will not forget.

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