Friday, December 14, 2007


I might be not the best, as your friend,
I might be not the perfect one, as your sweetheart,
I might be not the nice one, as your companion,
But I know I have given you love that flow from my heart,

Today I'm still alive to share my love with you,
Keep it safely in heart from the storm and thunder,
Tomorrow I might be gone to leave my love with you,
But I will come to your dream and stay with you forever.

Today you loved by many friend and women,
Always you be loved by some one who desire,
But I will always love you when all them has gone,
Never leave you alone when your life on fire

Remember me when you are lonely,
And never mind if you can't see me,
From heaven I'll always watching you,
With my prayer, day and night God will care for you

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