Tuesday, December 11, 2007


As I sit here alone, under the moon light,
I keep thinking how to say the words,
I blame myself for the things we fight,
I am wondering, how bad you hurt.

When we are together, I tried as could as I can,
To not hurt your feeling, and give much attention,
Never come in my thought, to denied you as my man,
But when thing goes wrong, I can't control my emotion

I try very hard not to shed my tears,
When you walk away through that door,
I hide from you that I am so in fear,
To stop loving you and losing you once more

Maybe this is the best thing for both of us,
To end this married and move on with our own life,
It hard to fix the situation when there's no more trust,
Don't worry about me my love, because I will survive.

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