Tuesday, December 11, 2007

THE HOPE : Love Poetry

The sun still sleeps,
While I'm keep thinking of you,
The lonely wind blowing slowly,
Take away some of the memory
A voice of missing lover,
Whispering to my heart,
I still hoping you to come back,
Love me again and forgive my mistake

Even though time make us grow up,
Teaching us to appreciate every moment,
I will not change or give up my love,
Because you the only one in my heart.
And the voice still whispering,
Asking me to surrender,
But I'm not listen to any word,
And there's will be no more suffer,
To win your heart again,
I promise i will work hard...

The song of the bird,
Welcome the beautiful morning,
But lying in this bed,
I still sway with your memory,
The hope that I still hold,
I will keep until I die,
i will search your soul,
no matter how far i will ride,
in my heart i locked you and hide the key,
so in this heart you will stay forever,
and never set you free

I will wait for your,
In front of heaven door,
i pray to God for victory,
and wait no more......

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