Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Damn, what life is this?

Under this blanket I cry without tears,
I close my eyes and try to forget this fear,
With all my strength I try to get up from the bed,
Slowly and in pain I try to move and make my step,
But my body too weak I fall down to the floor,
Screaming without voice I try once more,

Suddenly the door open I saw someone come in,
With a belt on his left hand, I begin to crying,
Asking for sympathy, begging to be free,
No more beating, no more suffering,
But he lose his temper and he slaps me many times,
Kick my body in anger, and dragged me out of the room,
I screaming out loud but he doesn’t care,
He curses me with nasty words, and beat me like a dog.

Lying on the floor suffering with my swelling body,
My blood is every where I try to move my head,
Looking for him around the room, and try to get up,
Crawling to the door before his show up,
With full of hope I make my steps,
Walking out of the door looking for help,
I try to walk with the all strength I have,
Hide behind a tree now I feel so save,
I pray to God now I’m out without fear,
From the hell where I’m living for so many years

For the first time in my life I can breathe so freely,
Without looking back I leave him in lonely,
Smell the fresh air and smile to the sunshine,
Call all my friends an family, don’t worry I’ll be fine,
What a beautiful life I have after escape from the hell,
This life so precious and not for sale,
With a new life and hope I praise to the Lord in heaven,
The past has become history, and forever will be forgotten.

(Dedicated to Jennifer Luly after 8 years suffering mind and soul with his Hubby)

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