Tuesday, December 11, 2007


(request by my friend Tommy: dedicate to his ex-wife)

Every time past by
I try to forget you
Every minute I breathe
I try to think that you never exist
But my love to you, my dear,
Too strong and it real,
Never let me forget you any second
You are my angel sending from heaven

You are the love of my life
My only precious treasure
In the past you was my wife
You warm my winter, and fulfill my desires,
But life too jealous and unfair to our happiness,
Now you walk away, forever i lost my princess.

Every night before i close my eyes,
I think of you lay by my side
Every single time i try to smile,
The memories come, and make me cry
No one ever understand that I'm hurting inside,
i still can't accept, that you no more my bride.

Now and forever you will remain in my heart,
Always in my thought since the day we apart,
I miss your touch, your kiss and your smiles,
But i send you my all from a millions miles,
Life without you like a boat lost in the sea,
No more you love me, my life is a tragedy.

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